A Performative Show

In occasion of the 7th annual celebration of the birth of hamburg's institutionalized after squat - the Gängeviertel - Nils Kasiske
takes a glimpse on mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion in ...

Friendly Footage
Group Exhibition Jun-Sep 2016

Footage bezeichnet ursprünglich das rohe Ausgangsmaterial für den Filmschnitt. Der Begriff fand bald Eingang in die Kunst , z.B. als „found footage", das Bildwelten aus gefundenem Material...

Yalla! Khartoum
Goethe-Institute Sudan

Last november I've been invited to Khartoum, Sudan, by the local Goethe Institute. The project Yalla! Khartoum deals with different kinds of urban youth culture. From skateboarding to music and art.

Producers Art Fair 2015

P/ART is a producer’s art fair. A platform for artists, art dealers and the art discourse. It connects emerging artists with an art savvy audience, creating an environment that promotes ...

"Das eigene Ich" at Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg.

Die Gruppenausstellung „Das eigene Ich“ bedeutet in doppelter Hinsicht eine Premiere: Der Hamburger Künstler Elmar Lause übernimmt im Rahmen dieser Ausstellung erstmals die Rolle des Kurators

Wallpainting at Scandic Emporio Hotel

Last Details on my wallpainting at Scandic Hotel. A reference to the projecttrip with #vivaconagua to india two weeks ago. "The Riksha Songbird Sanjib3000". Namaste.

Affenfaust Galerie
groupshow "steady drips"

MILLERNTOR GALLERY, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. und Affenfaust Galerie präsentieren:

Alex Diamond, Björn Holzweg, Darko Caramello, Johannes Mundinger, Julia Benz, Nils Kasiske, Ramba Zamba, ...

Stadium FC St.Pauli

I left this oneline Songbird on a wall at Millerntor Stadium's southstand.
In memory of Andreas Biermann, former player of St.Pauli who commited suicide this summer ...

Storyboard for Fatih Akin's "The Cut"

My last storyboard has been years ago, when Fatih Akin asked me to draw a storyboard for "The Cut". Now it's already more than two years ago again, ...